Orel BK-08 Russian Sinclair ZX Spectrum clone

So I’ve ordered one of these.

Orel BK-08 ex-USSR unofficial Sinclair ZX Spectrum clone.

It’s a ZX Spectrum clone built in the late 80’s / early 90’s in the ex-USSR (Ukraine). There were many ZX Spectrum clones manufactured unofficially in Russia, the particular example I have ordered (from eBay) is new, unused and sealed in its box.

It’s going to be a bit of an adventure to get this to display on a modern TV/monitor as it outputs a non-standard RGB + composite sync signal. In order to connect this to a modern (ish) VGA monitor, I’ve also ordered (from eBay, Amazon link below) one of these:

CGA to VGA converter

CGA to VGA converter

This board can take the low ~15Khz RGB signal in convert it to a VGA signal. None of this stuff has arrived yet, but I’ll post updates here later if I can get any of this to work.

Posted by Steve Wetherill


Join our Facebook group of Orel owners. Okay, there’s just two of us now, but we would be happy to greet you as number 3! 🙂

Hi Marc. I think I probably ordered mine from the same place as you (Vladimir) since I followed your eBay link in the Spectrum 4 Ever group. It is going to be interesting getting it going (when I receive it) since I am in the US – NTSC/110V.

The unit is in the mail, hopefully I will see it within the next couple weeks. I already received the CGA -> VGA adapter. I’ll update here once I get all the pieces together.

Aw, sorry, I didn’t notice that you’re already on Spectrum 4 Ever!

And yeah, I was wondering why you couldn’t get your Orel to work, but you don’t have a PAL compatible tv and will be using a monitor instead. I get it now 🙂 I just don’t think you can get BRIGHT 1 to work this way, unless you use resistors and stuff.

Anyway, the invitation still stands!

Sure – be interesting to swap notes on the Orel units!

Did that video converter work properly for you?

No, I did not get it to work correctly. 🙁

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