Elite pulls (some) apps from iOS app store as “Bluetooth Spectrum” Kickstarter gets funded

UPDATE Sunday February 2nd, 2014: I’ve edited the excerpted Jan 30 statement from Steve Wilcox out of the paragraph below – Google the Elite website if you want to read the statement. Elite does seem to have removed essentially all of their emulated Spectrum apps from the iOS App Store (at least), for the moment. I don’t anticipate making further public statements on the issue here until it is resolved.

Further to my post two days ago regarding Elite’s (funded) Kickstarter for a Bluetooth keyboard for their Spectrum emulator apps, Elite has pulled their “ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection” iOS apps from the iTunes App Store.

At this time, Elite still has Odin games on the iOS App Store, including Robin of the Wood, Nodes of Yesod, Heartland and Arc of Yesod (in various forms).

Posted by Steve Wetherill


Don’t want to say

Has no one noticed that the Elite apps are still available on the Windows Phone and Windows Store, allowing people to play Nodes of Yesod, Arc of Yesod, Manic Miner, Starquake etc…

All the same games that are being removed from iOS

Noted, thanks.

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