Warlock – The Avenger: Amiga Music!

A second musical entry for today. This track was written for Millenium for their Warlock – The Avenger game (sequel to their Gauntlet clone, Druid). This track was composed using one of the myriad Soundtracker clones for the Amiga. I sampled a bunch of muted and unmuted sounds from my guitar, and then composed the track on the Amiga using the Soundtracker UI. To me it definitely sounds like music from its time (late 80’s), and I think the overall sound has a Def Leppard feel to it, electronic drums and processed, layered guitars. Again, I never actually saw the game at the time, so I was basing the whole composition on a verbal brief + the name of the game (Warlock – bad male witch). At the time I had an audio sampler for the Amiga, and I recall grabbing the “Prince of Darkness” snippet from a movie on TV (don’t remember which one). There is some obligatory backwards satanic messaging in there too (it was the 80’s), originating from some samples I had sitting around. Some scallywag did figure out what those samples are saying, but I’ll leave that as an exercise for the listener. 🙂

I quite like this one, on balance.

PS To be clear, I had no involvement with the development of the game; I just did the music.

Posted by Steve Wetherill

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