Nodes of Yesod: iOS – surprise update

At the prompting of a couple of readers of this blog, I’ve been reviewing the changes necessary to allow Nodes of Yesod for iOS to run on iOS 11. The good news is that it is now running (in the simulator at least). There are several issues I’ll need to fix, but it’s looking like I may be able to release an update for iOS 11. I’ll update here as and when I make more progress.

Screenshot from simulator below.

Simulator Screenshot

Posted by Steve Wetherill


Excellent news! Thanks ever so much. I look forward to the new version.

Steve Wetherill

It is coming along. I’m also localizing to French, German, Spanish. Because, why not.

Any further news? iOS 11 is now here…

Steve Wetherill

Hi Richard. Yes, I will post a full update here soon. The work to support iOS11 is complete. I’ve also fully localized the game into French, German and Spanish. Or at least, that work is 99.99% complete, and I’m working on wrapping the remainder up this weekend. There are also a couple of other surprises. So, hopefully I can get a submission into Apple within the next week or so.

Brill. I look forward to it. Thanks ever so much!

Steve Wetherill

Nodes of Yesod 0x20 Screenshot

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