Nodes of Yesod: ZX Spectrum Next – developer blog episode 0!

ZX Spectrum Next

As has been noted on the ZX Spectrum Next site, I am creating a version of Nodes Of Yesod for the ZX Spectrum Next!

Nodes Of Yesod was announced as a stretch goal for the very successful Kickstarter campaign for the ZX Spectrum Next, and will be made available to all backers of the ZX Spectrum Next (the Kickstarter blasted through all the stretch goals!).

More updates as they come, I’ll get the first developer blog entry online as soon as possible, check back soon!

Posted by Steve Wetherill


Christos Vlamis

Loved the original, Arc of Yesod and can’t wait for Nodes! Wish you all the best in your effort!

Howard Knibbs

Good stuff! I only had Nodes of Yesod on C64 disk back in the day (blasphemy!), looking forward to seeing what you can do with the Next! Are you considering any enhancements to utilise the Accelerated?

Steve Wetherill

I am planning to use the hardware sprites, at least. Beyond there, I need to do some investigation. Don’t want to commit just yet. 🙂

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