Month: July 2016

ZX Spectrum 256 Byte Coding Competition

Here’s my entry for a recent Z80 Assembly Programming On The ZX Spectrum Facebook group coding competition.

The challenge was to come up with a game in 256 bytes without using ROM routines for the ZX Spectrum. Here’s my entry, “Infinite Blocky Runner“.

Source code is here. Some of the other entries to the competition were strong, all source code as well as playable demos may be found at the FB group (unsure if available off-group).

At the very least, this effort fits in (exactly) 256 bytes. I know of a couple of issues (the progress bar at the top will probably wrap in odd ways, should you progress far enough). There’s no audio, no difficulty progression, but you can at least die and restart. 🙂

I should add that I’ve embedded JSSpeccy, the JavaScript ZX Spectrum emulator here in order to run the game. On my laptop running Chrome, performance is not good. Seems to work OK elsewhere, so YMMV (let me know in comments if problems).

Press a key to jump. Enjoy. 🙂

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