Total Harmonic Distortion! You Love Me Like A Ten Ton Truck (2014)

Here’s another track from THD, my garage band from the early 80’s.

I pulled in the track from the same cassette tape containing the track “Turnaround“, though this one has had more “post production” work. The original version was recorded with Andy Walker on lead vox and guitar, Andy & myself on backing/chorus vox, and the Clef Master Rhythm drum machine (programmed by moi). There’s one overdub on this (backing vox), but we did not yet possess a bass guitar, so the original had no bass.

I brought the original track from the cassette tape into Garage Band and adjusted the tempo to an even 146 BPM. Then, I overlaid a replacement drum track (very simple & repetitive, matching the original, which is lurking in the mix underneath), added a bass line, and a “guitar break” (solo is not quite the right word) to fill in the place we’d originally left for it (but never added).

Very simple song, about one man’s love for his ten ton truck, or something. The vocals here are very tentative, we became a bit more confident in later work, but I think that adds some charm. It’s like a cross between 10cc and a future Offspring. It also has the most amazing fuzzbox effect on the guitar, with full bar chords being played. Don’t recall which distortion pedal was being used, but at the time I had made my own by taking the preamplifier from inside an old cassette player (the one that takes the input from the tape head) and feeding my guitar into that. Oh yes, that distorted alright! Perhaps that was in use here.

[EDIT: the sound quality on this YouTube video is pretty rough. I need to upload a cleaner version.]


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