Clef Master Rhythm Drum Machine

This is the drum machine I had in the early 80’s. I bought the kit version, which meant soldering all the components to the circuit board, mounting the switches, etc. There were dozens of diodes (literally), and I must admit I did make the mistake of soldering them all in back to front (got anode mixed with cathode, oops). I managed to desolder all of them and mount them all the correct way. The drum machine worked perfectly. πŸ™‚ This is the drum machine used on the THD recordings, of which one has been featured on this site, possibly others to follow.

Here’s a link to a site I found while, on a whim, searching for “1980’s drum machine”, hoping for my memory to be jogged (could’t remember the name of the device until I saw the photos posted there). Using the Clef Master Rhythm (and some deft, real time sequence switching shenanigans), my musical accomplice, Andy Walker, and I managed to record cover versions of White Man and Tie Your Mother Down by Queen, as well as Rock Bottom by UFO, and others. Amazingly, the drums were not the worst part of those covers. πŸ™‚

I’ve long since parted with the drum machine, given away during a move a long time ago. Of course, today there are much more capable options (such as Garage Band, which is essentially free, assuming you can afford a Mac), but there is a certain charm to the Master Rhythm’s typically analog sounds.

Posted by Steve Wetherill

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