Tusker Atari ST: Music!

Continuing the music from video games theme, here’s a couple of things from the Atari ST version of Tusker, published by System 3 in 1990. This was a rush job, I think I had to turn it around in a couple of days.

Title Music

This was composed using Quartet, and as with most of my Quartet compositions is best played back loud. 🙂 As I have mentioned before, the Quartet player by necessity introduces an incredible amount of distortion, so the compositions tend to cater to that. The music itself has a jungly sort of a beat and was intended to have a vaguely “African” sound. I’d never seen the Tusker game (though I had been given the original music for the Amiga version of the game as a reference), so I didn’t have much of an idea of the theme of the game itself. I imagined Elephants, with, tusks. It is fairly repetitive, makes use of a few key changes to add some variety (possibly one key change too many), but overall I think has some decent bits here and there.

Ingame Music

This track was composed using Quartet, but I had put together a chip tune playback routine to map the quartet note data to the Atari AY chip beeps and boops. It’s ultra repetitive, being not much more than a jam up and down the keyboard. It was done quickly, what can I say? 🙂

PS To be clear, I had no involvement with the development of the game; I just developed the music for the Atari ST version.

PPS These samples were grabbed using the OSX ST Emulator “Hatari“.

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