Sep 212013

Here’s some more Atari ST music, this time from the System 3 game, “Flimbo’s Quest”.

My company, Eldritch the Cat, did the conversion of Flimbo’s Quest from the Amiga to the Atari ST. Mark McCubbin, Marc Wilding and myself did the porting, and I did the music player and music. The music I think is somewhat derivative of the Amiga version of the game, and I forget exactly what might be original and what might be based on the Amiga. I suspect that the Atari ST music was composed by listening to the Amiga and then coming up with something similar. So, I am not taking total credit for the original composition, it’s probably a mixture of things. There’s no friendly YouTube video available for this stuff and I have not yet taken the time to grab samples from the ST emulated version of the game, so for now here is this MP3 collection courtesy of (there are three pieces, back to back, in the player):

This music was created in Quartet, and then played back with my custom Quartet player.

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  1. Interesting read about Flimbo’s Quest, I always wondered why Amiga and ST had different melody. I prefer the ST ingame music over the Amiga music 🙂
    Is there any chance that you still have the Quartet files? Would be helpful to study the notes if I’m going to play it on my piano.

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