Projectyle Amiga: Review!

Projectyle is a game that I designed and developed with Marc Wilding through our company Eldritch The Cat in 1989-1990, and which was published by Electronic Arts.

Projectyle is a “game of three halves” – up to three human players (with AI filling in the slots if necessary) duke it out over three sets on an interconnected arena grid of 5 zones. It’s in the “future sports” genre (quite popular at the time), and could loosely be described as “three player Subbuteo meets Air Hockey”.

In some ways it was probably over ambitious because I agreed with publishers EA to create completely different graphics for the “home” arena for each team, a completely distinct visual look for each team, along with a completely new theme tune for each team. The fact that I did all the music and sound effects, and that the budget was so tight that I ended up doing the majority of the arena (and other) graphics, meant that certain things did not get the attention they warranted. There’s a lot in the game, including a league mode which saves to disk, a player training mode which allows you to earn in-game powerups and then “train” your players, in addition to the main gameplay proper.

Anyway, some people liked it. Here’s a YouTube review I came across recently. Maybe I should finally remake this …

Posted by Steve Wetherill


Please do a remake ! We loved this game so much as kids. We played it all through the summer holidays, good times that were πŸ™‚ There still arenΒ΄t many games for three players since…
If you would be so kind and inform me, whenever you do that remake, that would be much appreciated.

Kind regards


Thanks Stephan, glad you liked the game! If I do decide to create a remake I’ll certainly let you know. πŸ™‚

Magnus Samuelsson

Yes finish the remake!!! I was just searching around to see if anyone ever did a remake of this awesome game and found this..

Just dont forget Sledge hammers since they were my favorite team! πŸ™‚

Yes, please finish a Remake. Maybe not only for PC…

Would be a great experience on Consoles, especially WiiU..;o)


Hi there,
I totally loved this game, I think both the gameplay and the music were awesome.
Please, keep us updated if you’ll ever remake it! πŸ™‚

Please! Do! Make it a Kickstarter, if you must, but make a remake!


A group of us spent a year hammering this game while smoking copious amounts of dope.

Go Vectors!!

Didn’t do that, but there may have been beer involved during the final QA signoff @ EA as we played through an entire league overnight. πŸ™‚

Demon Cleaner

This game still ranks in my top ten favorite Amiga games of all time, I played this so much, and just love it. I have been playing it some month ago using WinUAE and a Competition Pro, still the same fun.

It’s so sad that there was never a remake done, would really love to see one.

Kickstarter seems like a good idea.

I have a rudimentary version playable in Unity, using XBox controllers. It plays a little differently to the original, feels better in my opinion. There’s no graphics (just Unity sphere and cube primitives), and no AI, and well as I said it is just rudimentary. It’s been mothballed for over a year due to lack of free time. I wish I could justify spending more time on it.

Demon Cleaner

Sorry, me again, but there seems to be some “kind” of remake called Pucky Birdy.

I’m aware of that. I think Projectyle needs a physical controller though.

Demon Cleaner

Did you try Pucky Birdy? Doesn’t look good to me, and lacks basically everything that made Projectyle the game it was. Also that cartoonish childish style is really horrible, I don’t even wanna try it. Not to talk about controls on a tablet.

I’m playing Rocket League at the moment, reminds me quite a lot of Projectyle. If they would add 3 players against each other plus the stadium layout of Projectyle, now that could be awesome!!

Yeah, Rocket League reminded me a bit of Projectyle. Cool game!

Didn’t get on well with Pucky Birdy at all.

My Fiance just showed me Rocket League, and asked if I’d played it. My response was, “yeah. In the early nineties when it was called something else.” then I searched to find that game, and here it was. Glad others thought the same of Rocket League. I would love to see a re-make of Projectyle…Used to play it so much. DOSH!


Bring the game back for PC/steam.. even touch screen devices, sure the graphics could be redone.. I guess.. though they’re not important.. the gameplay was epic along with a few other games I remember from the Amiga

I’d love a remake too! It’s still an unmatched gameplay design after 25 years.

Still waiting for a remake. I have to say this ranks, for me, among the top 10 of Amiga games of all times. The gameplay is still unique, three teams on screen, the different “rooms” asking for different tactical approaches. In my opinion it was a masterpiece.

Hi Steve,
here’s another huge fan. Just talked to my brother today about the good old Amiga days, remakes (like the new Shadow of the Beast) and then remembered how much FUN we had with your game! Projectyle was simply awesome and yes, please consider a remake!! We don’t get enough good future sports games these days. As said before, Rocket League is a great game and reminds me of Projectyle, too…but I miss this unique gameplay design that you guys created. It was a masterpiece that deserves to be played on today’s platforms!

I can’t count the many epic games we did… Devils vs vectors bring it back please that was an epic game πŸ™‚

One of my favourite games back in the in the early 90s – loved it to bits. Loved the menu music as well (better than most Atari ST music of the time) and I still play it with my friends every now and then. Awesome game and would love to see a remake – and the Sledgehammers were my favourite team too πŸ™‚

Jonathan Williams

I truly loved the game too, Steve. I would count it as my absolute favourite Amiga game. I was a Jovian Jello Juggernauts man myself, although I played as all of them over the years.
I so wish I could reclaim a little of my youth and play it one more time.
Make it so, Steve!

Steve Wetherill

Haha – the pressure mounts. πŸ™‚

Thanks for the kind words. If only there were more time!

Steve –

One of my favorite games of all time. Add more pressure! This game was hugely formative on my idea of fun, and made me fall in love with future sports. It inspired a hacky visual basic game I made for a 10th grade computer project called “Krosball”.

It is funny that you say that not everything got the attention it warranted. I think some of the little details really rounded the game out. The exploding ball, the color of the power-ups being dependent on the 3 teams that were playing, etc. I also liked the controls (back in the days of single button controllers).

I was a Devils and Sledge Hammers man myself. Belial and/or Peltre owned the frantic zone. Devils homeground advantage was savage. Didn’t hate any specific team, but I always thought Van Ness from Manic Moose looked like an arrogant prick.

I Used to play a ton with my friend and his little brother, and noone wanted to use the keyboard. Fast forward 15-28 years and from time to time we’ve revisited the old amiga. We’ve all lost our joystick skills, so we all want to be keyboard. I can still hum at least half of the songs. I’m off to hunt them down and listen to them on youtube!

PS – This game also taught me Spanish fruit names thanks to the JJJ.

Steve Wetherill

Thanks for the comment! Too much pressure. πŸ™‚

Elsewhere on this site you can find the music, and also recent “remakes” of some of the tunes by Flavien Morel.

I LOL’d @ your Van Ness comment, and at your JJJ comment. πŸ™‚

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